Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yes, we do love Panera for all they do for us.

Last weekend we celebrated World Wide Knit In Public Day and were so happy that Panera fed us and fed us and fed us.
In additon we love how gracious they have always been to have us at our weekly Wednesday Night Sip and Knit and now we'll post this on Ravelry, our international knitting community's site and the whole world will know that .....We Heart Panera!

Below are some of the comments we've received:

My mind is just racing when I think of what Panera did for our group today. The generosity is overwhelming. Greg, the manager of Panera made sure we had a selection of bagels (36), that were sliced, put in several bags ( to make it easy on us) supplied us with a nice selection of cream cheeses, utensils and napkins. Then came lunch. OMG! He sent over 36 whole sandwiches (roast beef, chicken breast, tuna salad, ham and swiss, turkey and swiss) with pickle spears and a bags of chips. Each lunch was in an individual bag, marked. Then he put ice in a cooler and filled it with water and soda. Does anyone realize that Panera does not carry soda? Greg bought that for us. He was trying to think of what us ladies drink on Wednesday night and make sure we had similar drinks! Then to top it off he sent over 4 dozen cookies. Yes, I said 4 DOZEN.

Greg is a sweetheart! Sorry I missed it, but did have a good party for Connor's 14th birthday! Will be sure to say thanks to Greg when I see him!

Wow, I am very impressed! Sorry that I can't ever make Wednesday nights ... sounds like a great time.

Greg is awesome!.....Panera must love crafty people, because they have groups that meet there at least Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Take that Borders!

Panera's is wonderful. The food was terrific, especially the cookies. I had a wonderful time and as always look forward to getting together with everyone on Wednesday night.
Wow is right! The Reston group used to meet a Panerra and moved because they were treated so poorly by Panerra. (They would schedule floor washing at 8pm in the large area where we were sitting forcing us to move. When they had a plumbing issue they refused to post a sign to let members know where to go since they were closed. They always messed up our orders...on and on). With a good group, this is mutually beneficial. The business has a reliable clientelle EVERY week and the group has a place they know they will be welcome and can accomodate their size. In these times, it is amazing that isn't obvious. Greg deserves a special thank you!

That is a shame. I have known the gang from the Home Office for years. I wonder if they are aware of the problem? You are correct! Greg does deserve a special Thank You. So does his entire staff since they helped him do all the work and they make us feel special time and time again. I wish we could knit chair cozy's

I really appreciate the efforts of the folks from Panera. always good food and nice service. Makes me feel welcome when I'm there.

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  1. Even more amazing was that this particular event was held over four miles away from the Dobbin Center Panera Bread's location! Not just a kind and generous action on his part, but one that he literally went out of his way to provide.